Abdominal Discomfort

Batting 1000 today.

Since August or so I’ve been experiencing “abdominal discomfort”. I won’t get into the details, but it has steadily gotten worse.

The obvious non medical professional diagnosis is that it’s related to stress.

If only it were that easy.

I’m not exhibiting any of the normal signs for stress related ailments. The medical folks dismiss it as an option quite quickly.

It’s something else. They have ideas, so I’ll get some tests to confirm.

The leading theory is gluten.

Awesome! I’ve always wanted to join a bandwagon!

Kidding aside, none of this is making everything else that’s going on any easier.

Good times.

Hold steady.

– b

The Dog is Sick Too

She’s been on a hunger strike for a couple of weeks.

She’ll eat people food, but not dog food.

That’s not exactly scalable around here these days.

Finally after she peed on the floor in front of Jen, we took her to the Vet.

Besides the dog being old, they have no idea without more tests, so we did the blood work.

Should know something soon.

In the meantime she’s enjoying her chicken and rice. What will be interesting is if/when she decides not to eat that either.

I give it a week.

– b

It’s The New Sick

No longer is it just a cold for a week or two. It’s an on again off again cold for 6 weeks that manifests itself 4 different ways.

Love it.

– b


Took the girls to see Stomp! over the holiday.

They loved it.

– b


This is just cute.

This is just cold.

Though we screwed up. They should of had long johns on and winter boots. They only lasted about 20 minutes in the 16°F cold before having to go in.
– b

The Sick that Keeps on Giving

Still sick after 2 weeks.

It changed last night. Feels different and slowing me down more.

– b

Dumpster #2

Filled the first dumpster (nearly) and got a second. The second one is half the size, and we’ll likely fill it too.

I’m still amazed that after the amount of stuff we’ve given away, sold, or thrown out, that the house isn’t starting to feel empty yet.

– b


ps. sold the tractor and all the accessories last week.


Filled the dumpster.

Not in that picture, and most of that was from the decking we removed from the house and pool.

The bedroom and office downstairs are cleared out.

And we’ve made a number of trips to Goodwill.

Busy, busy

– b

And Away We Go!

Tube slide and a lot of the climbing wall is gone.

Whoever installed the tube slide meant for it to stay.

The paneling and chair rail in the hallway were a different story. It was all staked out from the wall, and then the door casings installed over top of the stack. Removal was straightforward, but we’ll need new door casings.

Abigail was not pleased with our progress.

Today we’ll try and do better Peanut. Maybe get out on the bikes for a little while.

– b

Dumpster Days

We’re getting serious now.

Should be easy to fill.

– b